Into May

Emily from Auntie's Books, Eileen, Pat

Emily from Auntie's Books, Eileen, Pat

It’s been a busy few weeks for me and “How to be a Sister.”

In late April, I spoke at the Detroit Metro Parent Living with Autism conference. It was a wonderful event, and clearly geared toward the concerns of adults with ASD, not just children. In addition to my talk, which, of course, centered on siblings, the event included a session for fathers. These are just two examples of how the conversation about autism is changing to consider how it affects the whole family.

Later that same week, I gave a talk with my mother, Pat Garvin, for the ARC of Spokane Family Support Conference. Mom talked about how Margaret’s house came to be. This is something I am often asked about when I speak, as parents are eager to have some kind of model. I’ve asked my Mom to write about the process, and I will post it when she does.

Last week, on May 6, I was a guest on Rosie O’Donnell’s radio show — such an honor. (I’ve loved her since I saw her in “A League of Their Own.” Rosie has always been a champion of children with disabilities and families. After my sweaty palms and dry mouth subsided, I had an absolute blast talking with her. I’ll post the link to the interview once I have permission.

Last weekend I was at the Paulina Springs Bookstores in Sisters and Madras — lovely independents that provided much needed community centers in rural Oregon.

This weekend I will head north to Village Books in Bellingham for a reading on May 15. After that, I hope to get back to more writing.

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